Nancy Kline said:

"The Brilliant executive coach is the one who brings out the brilliance of the client."

What you get when you engage me is a chance to work on your own role as a leader and to become not just better but brilliant. This is not a glib marketing offer as I genuinely believe that with work we can all be so much better than what we are now. I call it the best version of yourself. Do, you want to try brilliant?

Now that I have grabbed your attention how do you separate the authentic executive coach from those who say they are executive coaches?  

Most leaders consider some of these before they engage a coach; Do I like them? Can I open up to them? Also, do I get a good sense of chemistry around them?

You might also ponder if you are personally motivated to change? As this will be needed if coaching is to work for you. These are good things to consider but I do not suggest you start there.

Many people these days advertise themselves as executive coaches via their web sites or LinkedIn.  

Did you know that the professional title of coach is not protected in any way?


I and other professional coaches work with individual leaders and teams when they have mastered the technical skills of their role but need to improve organisational performance, lead a major transformation in business or recruit and build new teams.

It is also useful to offer coaching to your brightest and best new recruits who have the potential for the board room.


Or, its great for a leader starting a new company or a bigger role. Maybe they are joining the board room, or taking on a big transformation project. Leaders also will need to manage what we see as the soft skills of interpersonal relationships. Growing self-confidence, presentation skills, resilience in self and team, building trust, managing conflict, and thought diversity amongst others.

Coaching is a big commitment for you and your organisation so please think carefully before you hire a coach.  

If you are interested in working with me here is what you get with BLEND:

So, now you have an idea of what to look for in an Executive Coach why not give me a call or email? I would be delighted to speak with you about coaching or Board development and facilitation.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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